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One-off drawings, fine art prints, hand made ceramics and unique decor items by Tracy Lindner

Inspired by nature, the Lindnr philosophy is meditative & deliberate. Enjoy lighthearted art to energise your home or work space.

Slow Design for the Creative Soul

Our story. Unique Handmade Design and Homeware made in Cape TownThe name Lindnr is a play on my maternal family name, Lindner. It’s to them that I owe my love of flowers. Today, scattered across the globe, it’s the female ties that remain strong.

By day, I’m a Digital consultant working in an exciting and pressurised media environment. My head is abuzz with little time for quiet contemplation. Lindnr is an effort to take my Self offline. Drawing and ceramics are therapeutic and unhurried, the perfect way to shut out my busy work life.


In a previous life, colour photography was my passion. Today my tools of choice are pen and ink, paper and clay – a kind of “back to basics”. I work mostly in monotone, using colour only as an accent.

My subjects too are uncomplex. There’s no deeper meaning; I’m not trying to do or say anything clever.


Inspired by nature and my love of flowers, my work is deliberately lighthearted and playful. The Lindner’s were rose lovers and I grew up surrounded by talk of gardens and everything Roses. Think wallpaper, fabrics, crockery, paintings – everything – all in the style of naturalists and botanical illustrators such as Redouté, Merian, Audubon, Haeckel and local SA art icon Tretchikoff.

As a child I spent many hours alone exploring the coastline of False Bay. And sun-burnt days at sea, fishing for tuna and crayfish. Mamawati is a twist on the name of the African water spirit “Mother Water”. The Mamawati Marine Life series celebrates water as a vital life force as well as the endless variation of sea life. One can’t help but marvel at nature’s inventiveness in the struggle for survival.

What started as a purely selfish endeavour has grown, through encouragement, into a commercial offering. A typical Kapie, I love my city, the sea, mountain and bright blue skies. My work is for creative souls like myself, who find beauty in the world around us – our land, seas and skies.


I hope you enjoy!

Sneak a peak at work in progress or things that inspire us